What I want from life

By | 8 January, 2009

With the new transitions that i have gone through recently (starting a career, moving to another country, moving away from my family and friends, learning a new culture and language, etc) i have found myself being very reflective in my spare time. Today I got home from my fourth day of work and started searching the internet as usual. While doing so, i downloaded VMware, and Ubuntu-server. I stumbled upon a blog that basically was about how to find what you want to accomplish in life, what one’s life dream may be, and how to realize it.

Upon reading further, it came to my attention that a majority of people do not know what they want to do with their lives. Until recently i could be counted as one of them. But as i continued reading on how to discover what you want to do with your life, i realized that i already knew the answer. I have known the answer for years, and only until recently have i taken action to further myself toward what i want.

I don’t know if my view of life was correct or incorrect in the past, basically i thought that i was doing what i was doing because i had to. I had to finish college to progress toward doing what i loved, i had to endure years of mundane work that never pushed me intellectually because it would help me progress. Everything i have done in the past has made me who i am, and was basically prerequisites to get where i am today.

As i continued reading, i realized i was not like most other people stuck in an uneventful, mundane, even tedious day job. I enjoy my job. Proof of this is the fact that i was (am) downloading VMware and Ubuntu-server so that i could recreate an environment i have been working on at work so that i can get things accomplished outside work. My father left me with a piece of advice before i left the States and that was (basically), “What ever you are doing in life, whether it be work related, social, or personal; always exceed people’s expectations of you.”

I am not working at home for this sole purpose, but regardless of the purpose, i am doing it. The reason for me doing this at home is first, to gain a better understanding of what i am doing at work. Second, to meet and surpass the expectations of my supervisors and colleagues. And lastly, because it is what i love to do. Could one ask for anything better? Looking back i realized that i have made all the right moves to get to where i am, and without certain experiences would never had made the move 6500+ miles away to pursue what i love.

There is something to be cautious about however, and this is the feeling that i have accomplished my dream. While a dream may be accomplished, there is nothing worse than having NO dreams. While you may have accomplished one, there are always one or more to take it’s place. I know that i have started taking the steps to achieve what i want, but this is a never ending process. People need to realize that it is easier to get what they want in life than it may seem, you just need to be willing to make the effort toward obtaining it.

While this post used to be longer (my wifi that i’ve been mooching disappeared and i lost about 150 words) it still contains the basic thought that i was having.

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