Oktoberfest in Hibiya-koen

By | 1 June, 2009

Saturday morning i went to the Oktoberfest (German Festival) in Hibiya-Koen. I must say i had a blast. It was good eats and good food, not to mention MANY japanese having a good time.

Hibiya-Koen is very near where i work, though i have never been there. I transfer at Kasumigaseki every time i come or go to work, yet i had never exited there till Saturday. It was a very nice, beautiful, and spacious park. I dont know how often they hold festivals, but if they had another one there you could count me in!

Not much else to say, there was great music, dancing, beer, food… i mean what more could one ask for?!

Below are some pictures of the experiance.

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