Yakiniku Tabehodai/Nomihodai in Shibuya

By | 1 June, 2009

So Friday night I went to a yakiniku tabehodai (all you can eat yakiniku) and nomihodai (all you can drink) in Shibuya. It was about 5 minutes or so from the station, and i dont think i was told the name of the place, but if i was i cant remember for the life of me.

We got there around 8pm (8:05 to be exact), and we were seated very shortly. The place was packed with japanese enjoying themselves. From the moment we sat down we were given 2 hours (that’s how i knew it was 8:05 that we came in).

I must say that we started out strong, ordering 3-5 plates every 5-10 minutes, but the pace didnt last. In hindsight, the fact that i ordered gohan (rice) to accompany the yakiniku took it’s told, and i was unable to eat anymore towards the end.

Overall it was a blast and a very reasonable price. It ended up being ~$41 which may seem expensive, but you have to remember that you could order any cut of meat you wanted, and also any drink you wanted. It was well worth the money and the fun i had there with my friends was priceless.

Below are a few pictures (my camera was dying so there are not as many as i would have liked).

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