Odaiba – Giant Gundam and Fuji TV

By | 14 August, 2009

A few months ago i went to Odaiba. It was an interesting place witch quite a lot of history behind it. From what i remember, it is one of seven man-made islands in Tokyo. I know that it originally had several cannons on it, but now there are only two.

There are several places of interest that i went to in Odaiba. The first is a replica Statue of Liberty. I don’t quite know the history behind it, but it’s basically a mini version of the one in New York.

Another interesting place was the Fuji TV Building. Other than looking like it is some weird transformer, it was an interesting place to tour. I only wish i had a TV so that i could have related to, or understood, a majority of the things there.

Lastly was the Giant Gundam. This was interesting to see, however the area where it is reeked of manure. Im not quite sure why that is, and it didnt seem like anyone else noticed.

It’s taken me a while to get this post done, so without further a due, here are the pictures.

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