A Trip to Kamakura

By | 27 June, 2009

Two weekends ago i met up with some family in Kamakura. It is a very quaint old town. I heard some of the history from them. Basically Kamakura was once the capitol of japan, it marked an end to one era and the start of another. When i first got there there were not many… Read More »


By | 16 June, 2009

So i finally went to Kagaya in Shimbashi, and i am speechless. While using Stumble Upon about 2 months ago i stumbled upon this page: http://gaijintonic.com/2007/02/08/kagaya-maddest-bar-in-tokyo/ . It looked very interesting and i told myself that i needed to go sometime. Well time past and i found myself looking for something to do one weekend.… Read More »

A Trip to Kaihinmakuhari

By | 15 June, 2009

So two weekends ago I went to Kaihinmakuhari, the main purpose of this trip (other than getting out on the weekend) was to visit a Carrefours. Carrefours is a french supermarket. I went with Cheung who is french (now can you see why?). We first visited the supermarket, but then decided to not buy much… Read More »

The search for Killians

By | 9 June, 2009

So it’s been over 5 months that i’ve been in Japan. I know your thinking, well thats not that long. And while that may be true, i’ve been without my favorite beer for that long. So i decided to go on a hunt for some george killians irish red here in japan. my search brought… Read More »

Oktoberfest in Hibiya-koen

By | 1 June, 2009

Saturday morning i went to the Oktoberfest (German Festival) in Hibiya-Koen. I must say i had a blast. It was good eats and good food, not to mention MANY japanese having a good time. Hibiya-Koen is very near where i work, though i have never been there. I transfer at Kasumigaseki every time i come… Read More »

Aion screenshot preview

By | 23 May, 2009

So i tried the open beta of Aion yesterday. I used http://www.mobiusxp.com/?p=101 to join the chinese beta. I also had to hunt down enu.pak from http://bass-ackwards.net/ftp/AION/ENU.pak. After this though, the game was fully installed in english and i had a chance to play. Below you can see a variety of screenshots i took during my… Read More »